Company overview

Diva Marketing services is a start-up marketing research field surveys and Retail Marketing agency based in Sudan with regional coverage to all east Africa (Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan). Diva was established to facilitate the decision-making process for executives and managers by carrying out the market, consumers, pricing and products surveys by applying scientific rigours methodologies, utilizing cut-edge technologies and deploying well-trained surveyors we provide our clients with real-time data and market insights that help top management take uncertainty-free business decisions.

Diva committed to providing research services with ethical and professional standards and transparency in all the applied methodologies and the research process.

Accuracy, Tight deadlines, Trained Surveyors, Regional coverage.

Our Core Values

Customers Oriented

Customers are our top priority.


Our most valuable assets are Diva staff.


Dedication towards high standards of delivery.


Highly value work, Industrious and ethical in our approach


Maximum results for effectual effort.

Why should you choose us?

  • Successful Brands are looking for vendors who deliver measurable and verifiable results this why we are selected.
  • We run trasparent business operations during the whole project stages which make our clients trust us and rely on us.
  • Diva marketing so far is the only agency in the region that adopt QMS ISO 9001/2015 to ensure meeting our clients desired quality standards.
  • Diva is differentiated from other agencies by being professional and globally recognized research agency , Diva is the only active company member of the Insights association in the region. (
  • Clients data condientiality and trade secrets are well-maintained and highly secured.
  • We help leverage your USP –Unique selling points, to increase sales  and suggest ways to overcome business obstacles.
  • We have the best team put together and also have a superior local experience to crack the Sudan market code.
  • We provide segmentation specific surveys to help identify opportunities in specific categories so you know who your target customers are.
  • We minimize your risk and help calculate your chances of reaching a strike rate in terms of new product/service launches.

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