Its very challenging to corporates and business entities to overcome the challenge of accessing to reliable information in country like Sudan where official publications and business reports are in scarcity.

Diva bridges this gap by conducting market studies targeting all potential target audiences across different segments, sample centres to cross check and compare data to extract insightful and rich information.

Some of the market study projects that conducted by Diva Marketing aimed at making our clients more informed about the business potentiality, market size / demand estimation and consumer`s perception, usage and purchase habits/behavor:

  • Potato market Study:
    • Geographical Scope: Sudan, east africa and middle east.
    • Targeted audience: Retail, Household, HORCA, industerial segment
    • Means of data collection: Interviews and questionniare
  • Dates and local Snacks study:
    • Geographical Scope: Sudan
    • Targeted audience: Retail and individual consumers.
    • Means of data collection: Interviews and questionniare
  • Sudan Nationwide Retail Audits:
    • Stocks availability.
    • Retail and Whole-sales prices/ price map.
    • competitors availability , prices and retail activity
    • SKUs level analysis
    • Market share and shelf share.